Project General Information

Start: 01-12-2018
End: 31-05-2021


Key Action:
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type:
Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training


New innovative curricula/educational methods/development of training courses Labour market issues incl. career guidance / youth unemployment Cooperation between educational institutions and business

ENVIRECA forms a Strategic Partnership to improve HORECA work-based learning VET, aiming to address existing occupational needs related to environmentally sustainable work practices. In particular, ENVIRECA objectives are to..

Analysis of current and future skills and knowledge needs to develop green related HORECA WBL learning outcomes.
Development of the structure of a curriculum on environmentally sustainable work practices…

The ENVIRECA project is expected to have the following results and impact:

Learning outcomes for WBL training provision in environmentally sustainable work practices for HORECA apprentices, validated by trainers and field experts (to reach 300 VET providers)…


The fast-paced emergence of relevant new market niches and evolving customers’ expectations has increased the demand for green skills in the HORECA sector, creating a corresponding skills gap. Further to demand, the gap is widened by the lack and inadequacy of corresponding training resources and approaches. Particularly in HORECA, and unlike other sectors, VET provision takes place primarily through Work-Based Learning (WBL), where employers offer apprenticeships in partnership with VET providers to provide learners with practical skills and first-hand work experience. Closing the emerging skills gap in WBL settings is a greater challenge than that of classroom-based VET, as in the sector’s WBL curricula are often employer-customised, and training is delivered by skilled practitioners rather than certified trainers. The updating of HORECA apprenticeship schemes is thus essential, so that HORECA WBL programmes incorporate practical components on environmental technologies and sustainable work practices, to adequately address apprentices’ training needs.


The partnership comprises 6 organisations from 5 countries, from the world of education and environmental research, as well as learning innovation experts. DU lead activities in environmental sustainability and tourism development, both from a research and from a course design/delivery perspective.

FLA is expert in the diffusion of scientific knowledge and in raising public awareness on environmental issues. HRC and CSM bring the expertise in the delivery of WBL programs (i.e. apprenticeships), covering the full spectrum of HORECA business functions. EXELIA is an expert in R&D and delivery of innovative learning methodologies.

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